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Why Point Customs Consultancy

Both in our office located in Shenzhen city of Çi̇n and in our Istanbul office, which is the heart of trade, our expert teammates create the necessary legislative infrastructure starting from pre-order. Information is transparently transferred to you during logistics, customs clearance and door delivery stages. We make you feel that you are in safe hands with a transparent price policy.


Customs Consultancy
based in Istanbul, located at the heart of the business world, Turkey's most important trade point in continuing to branch expansion, but also in China, with offices located in the city of Shenzhen Customs Brokerage bringing a new breath to the fact Pointe Customs Brokerage young, dynamic, expert staff and the solution is able to follow the work on your behalf position in almost all of Turkey's customs with partners.
Airway / Sea Freight
It has established the necessary agency network and expert staff to provide the most effective service and the most ideal solutions to all kinds of transportation demands from its customers. In this context, it offers professional service in transportation solutions.
Logistics Warehouse
In order to maximize your competitive power, POINT CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY, which is ahead of the sector with its logistics and storage services, has made it a principle to provide you with the highest service in this category.
You will notice the difference of our professional approach and expert friends in improving your vision when you start working with us. If you want positive change in your business and business, work with us.

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